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Fundraising Kick Off


On Oct. 10- 28th, our school will be having its first fundraiser of the year. We are asking for the support of all our families. The funds will allow for the purchase of Digital Technology, Sports Equipment, and Library materials for the benefit of all our students. 

Laura Secord Peanut-Free Premium variety pack chocolates yields very high profit for our school.  Each assorted box contains 25 extra-large individually boxed bars including French Mint, Pure Milk Chocolate, Rice Crisp, Café Latte, White Chocolate and 50% Cacao Dark Chocolate bars. Each bar sells for $5.00. 

The chocolate will be sent home with each family who has returned their permission slip. Additional boxes will be given out upon request when you have returned payment ($125) for the box.

Thanks for supporting our St. Mary Knights!