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Meeting of the Board of Trustees

At the March 29, 2022 Meeting of the Board of Trustees...

Committee and Staff Reports

Trustee Determination

Trustees determined the number of trustees to be six for purposes of the 2022 election as follows: two trustees for the City of Brantford, two trustees for the County of Norfolk, one trustee for the County of Brant and one trustee for the County of Haldimand.

Student Trustee Report

Trustees received the Student Trustee Report that included:

“Thanh-Thanh Tieu consulted the Student Senate Committee about the student demographic survey once again. We were presented with a variety of names for the survey (e.g., “Valued Voices” and “Voices for Change”) and provided feedback on these possible options.  There was discussion about the importance of choosing an appropriate name. We appreciate the board’s consultation with the Student Senate Committee for this survey.

The Student Senate Committee has decided to plan a retreat late in the spring, if possible, for all three student councils pending board approval.  We discussed different ideas to incorporate into the retreat. A member of the Student Senate Committee will seek approval from Holy Trinity to host the retreat as the school may be able to accommodate the greatest number of students with the least amount of disruption.  Secondary students have also been reminded that Student Trustee Election applications are due April 8th and that the election will take place April 28th at the board office.

Assumption College School is planning a Coffee house in the spring. Applications for student council are being received for future members.  The STEM club is excited to return to in-person STEM presentations.  The last two presentation took place in the lecture hall during both lunches.  The school also hosted a dress down day in March to raise funds for Development and Peace for Ukraine.

On the week leading up to March Break, Holy Trinity hosted a spirit week that was very successful within the school.  The school raised money for St. Vincent de Paul, as well as planning to give the proceeds for their upcoming dress down day towards a student’s family whose father passed away.  The school is also planning a Glow dance. Applications for student council are being received for future members.

St. John’s College School hosted a jersey day in memory of Walter Gretzky prior to March Break.  The school also hosted a pyjama day for cancer awareness. The school is also planning to host a culture day in April.”