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Events Calendar

First Day of School

School Council Meeting

Meet the Staff BBQ

Co-ed Soccer Tournament "A" Division (St. Mary's School)

1st. Communion Enrollment

PA Day - No School

School Council Meeting

Hep-B #1 & HPV # 1

Immunization - St. Mary's, Hagersville

Registration for 1st Communion

ELKP and Gr 1/2 trip to Lindley's Farm in Ancaster

Grade 8 students visit to Holy Trinity

Gr 4/5 class trip to Hagersville Foodland 9:00-10:30

Legion visiting St. Mary's School

Picture Re-take Day

Progress Reports go home!

Grade 7/8 NET Retreat

Parent/Teacher Interviews

Parent/Teacher Interviews

School Council Meeting

Youth Mass and Super Souper Luncheon 10:30 a.m.

Month End Assembly

Holy Trinity Concert

Taquanyah trip for Grade 4/5 & 5/6 students

Kindergarten Christmas Craft/Open House

Grade 7/8 class visiting residents at Anson Place

"Snuggle up and Read" Day

Pick up time for MacMillan Orders

School Council Meeting

Christmas Luncheon

Hot Lunch Day: "Subway"

Inclement Weather - all zones closed, buses cancelled

Hot Lunch Day: "Hot Dogs"

PA Day - No School

Menactra vaccination

Immunization - St. Mary's, Hagersville

Hot Lunch Day: "Chicken Fingers"

Month End Assembly

Basketball Tournament "A" Division (St. Mary's School)

Hot Lunch: Subway

Girls Basketball Celebration

Report Cards go home

Hot Lunch: Mac'n Cheese

Term Around Day

Hot Lunch: Grilled Cheese / Apples

Hot Lunch: Tacos

Month End Assembly

ASH Wednesday/Mass

Nickel Drive Campaign for Lent begins

Co-Ed Indoor Soccer Tournament

Cinnabon fundraiser begins!

Hamilton Tiger Cats Visit Gr 2/3

Social Media Presentation Gr 4-8

"Les Temps des Sucres" FSL trip to App's Mill Gr. 5/6

Cinnabon fundraising orders DUE!

Dairy Presentation

Grad Photo Day for Grade 8s

Jump Rope for Heart Kick-Off

System-wide school council meeting

Cinnabon fundraising ORDERS DELIVERED!

Volleyball Tournament "A" Division

1st Reconciliation

Board Art Exhibit in Cayuga

Science Centre trip Grades 5,6,7,8

CNN Breakfast 7:30-9:30 Springview

Celebration of the Arts

Jump Rope for Heart

Water Festival Trip Gr 4/5

Hep-B #2 & HPV #2

Immunization - St. Mary's, Hagersville

"Have a Go" track & field meet

Market Celebration Trip Gr 2/3 & 4/5

Haldimand/Norfolk Track & Field Meet

Year End BBQ Movie Night

Grade 8 Graduation 7:00 p.m.

Communion Breakfast for Grade 8 students

School Mass - Year End

School council meeting 5:00-6:00

Start up Assembly 11:10 am

School Mass 9:45 am

"Meet the Staff" BBQ 4:30-7:00pm

Month End Assembly 9:30am

Orange T-Shirt Day

Knights of the Month Lunch 1:10pm

1st Communion Registration 7:00pm

Co-ed soccer tournament

Thanksgiving Mass 11:15am

Co-ed soccer tournament raindate

Taquanyah Nature Centre (4/5 & 6/7)

1st Communion Enrollment Mass 10:30 am

Cross Country for Halidmand-Norfolk

Snuggle up and Read Day

Cross Country for Haldimand-Norfolk raindate

Living Rosary at 1:30pm

Month End Assembly 9:30am

Immunization - St. Mary's, Hagersville

Spirit Day ~ Wear Halloween Costumes to Show Your Spirit

Trip to Woodland Cultural Centre (6/7)

Trip to Holy Trinity High School ~ Gr. 8

Knights of the Month Lunch 1:10pm

Trip to Hagersville Food Bank ~ Gr. 4 (Cancelled - To Be Rescheduled)

Daylight Saving Time ends

Confirmation registration 7:00pm

Trip to Woodland Cultural Centre (1/2)

Trip to Sanderson Centre ~ Gr. 8

Earth Rangers Assembly 11:15am

Picture Retake Day

Remembrance Day Presentation 2:15 p.m.

School Mass 11:15am

Progress Reports Go Home

Remembrance Day

Parent/Teacher Interviews ~ 4:00pm-7:30pm

Parent/Teacher Interviews ~ 9:00am-12:00pm

Bullying Awareness & Prevention Week 2017 ~ November 19-25

Super Souper & Confirmation Mass 10:30am

System wide school council meeting 7:00pm

School Council Meeting at 6pm (St. Mary's School)

Month End Assembly 9:30am

Knights of the Month Lunch 1:10pm

Kindergarten Craft Open House ~ 1:45-2:45

Reconciliation 10:00-2:00

Reconciliation 10:00-2:00

Christmas Concert Rehearsal 9:30am

School Mass & Christmas lunch 11:15am

Christmas Concert 1:00-3:00pm

Month End Assembly 9:30am

New Year's Day

Knights of the Month Lunch 1:10pm

Pajama/Crazy Hair Day

Chef a L'Ecole 9am - 3pm

Immunization - St. Mary's, Hagersville

Basketball tournament

Month End Assembly (Jan) 9:30am

Basketball tournament cancellation date

Knights of the Month Lunch 1:10pm

Winter Carnival Day

Report Cards Go Home

Pancake Tuesday

Valentine's Celebrations ~ Red, White & Pink Day

ASH Wednesday School Mass 9:15am

Regional parent meeting 7:00pm

Month end assembly 9:30am

Knights of the Month Lunch 1:10pm

Reconciliation 10:00-2:00

School Mass 11:15am / Reconciliation

First Reconciliation 7-7:30pm

Month end assembly 9:30am

Easter School Mass 11:15am

Knights of the Month Lunch 1:10pm

Volleyball tournament

Volleyball tournament cancellation date

system wide council meeting 7:00pm

Grade 8 Graduation Picture Day

Jump Rope 4 Heart Kick Off Assembly

1st Communion Mass 10:00am

Month end assembly 9:30

Knights of the Month Lunch 1:10pm

Board Art Exhibit

School Mass & May Crowning 11:15am

Junior co-ed soccer tournament

Confirmation Retreat

Junior co-ed soccer tournament raindate

Jump Rope 4 Heart

Immunization - St. Mary's, Hagersville

Month end assembly 9:30pm

Confirmation 5:00pm

Knights of the Month Lunch 1:10pm

"Have a Go" raindate

Track & Field Meet for Haldimand-Norfolk

Track & Field Meet Haldimand-Norfolk raindate (Brant or HN)

Track & Field Meet Halidmand-Norfolk raindate (Brant or HN)

Grad Mass & Breakfast 9:45am

Graduation Ceremony & Awards 6:00pm

Year End School Mass 9:45am

New Year's Day